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The EPAC Project

  • Project Name: EPAC – Enhancing Protection and Care of Orphans And Vulnerable Children in Charitable Children Institutions In Kenya
  • Funding Partner: ERIKS Development Partner
  • Project Duration: 3 years

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School Courses Programs

Pwani University Courses

Pwani University Courses

PC Kinyajui Diploma in Child Care & Protection

PC Kinyajui Diploma in Child Care & Protection








Success Stories

The Success story and most significant change
AIC Litein Children’s home was given grace period of four months from April 2010 to September 2010 to see what will happen before the final decision of its closure.It turned to be an opportunity for a new Manager Mr. Richard Rono when he reported as the new manager on 1st April 2010. Skilled and passionate in care and protection of children he turned around the face (outlook) of the center and progressively into other areas which he succeeded and made Litein children’s home a place to be desired to be visited by many people.

AIC Litein Children’s Home, a child friendly environment enhancing growth and development

AIC Litein Children’s Home, a child friendly environment enhancing growth and development

Some of the achievements could be felt is the development and implementation of various activities for the interest of the child. Children were taken to academy schools to improve their performance, strict schedule on adherence to rules and regulation of the CCI by both children and the staff. Behavior change and correction, improved record keeping, transparent procedures, improved relationship between the management and staff as well as the community. Also Children were enrolled to NHIF scheme, reintegration done appropriately, Massive renovation and improved working systemsand improved foodsecurity projects/IGA

The former fence made ofiron sheets was removed and a perimeter wall constructed that doubles as business stalls facing the hospital, old workshop building turned to be modern guest house, plain field turned to be a banana plantation and a green house erected in a well planned garden . There is financial management and quality reports in place and that proves an achievement of the program goal and objectives.

The following are some of the captivating photos taken then before and after.





About the symposium

The Association of Charitable Children Institutions of Kenya (ACCIK) in collaboration with Juvenile Justice Agencies, Multimedia University of Kenya and other stakeholders is organizing the 1st National symposium on Child Care and Protection. The Symposium will be held at the Multimedia University of Kenya, Mbagathi campus Nairobi, Kenya from 16th to 18th May 2018 under the theme ‘Building Synergy for Enhanced Child Care and Protection: Experiences, Challenges, and Opportunities.’
The symposium is expected to bring together stakeholders in Childcare and protection, such as National and County governments, Education and Research Institutions, Media, Religious Organizations, Private sector, NGOs and CCIs among others.
Key Symposium Dates

1. Symposium date- 16th to 18th May 2018
2. Deadline for the submission of Full papers- 30th March 2018
3. Early bird registration Deadline (10% discount)
4. Registration deadline- 16th April 2018.
5. Late registration (During conference additional 10%).

Main Symposium partners

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